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    Cat 5E UTP/FTP Keystone Jack

    Cat 5E UTP/FTP Keystone Jack-LKC109-C5EU

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    Cat5e unshielded  keystone jacks


    CAT5E keystone jack surpassed all CAT5E performance requirements, comply with Fast Ethernet application system, suitable for connection between FD to the outlet of the work area, providing up to 250MHz available bandwidth

    Technical Characteristics

    Unique exterior design, simple, compact and beautiful
    Comply with ergonomic principle and with termination-free design
    Unique PCB circuit board design reduces EMI/RFI interference, low attenuation loss and  high return loss
    Overall zinc alloy shielding design meets the industry standards
    Meet the requirements of both T568A/T568B with clear color labels
    Solid and corrosion phosphor bronze IDC enables over 250 terminations
    Accept 24 AWG wires, phosphor bronze contact with 50m" gold plate, with a durability of 1500 matching recycles
    Easy installation with clear colored labels on termination cap
    Termination caps prevent wire from dropping off
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