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    Fiber Optic Distribution Box

    ODB08-Adapter-ABS-12 Cores-b

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    Optic Fiber Distribution Box

    Optic fiber distribution box (ODB) is suitable for the optical cable and optical communication equipment wiring connections, through the wiring box adapter, light jumper leads to optical signals to achieve optical wiring function, Applicable to fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail protective connection, but also for fiber access network in the optical fiber termination point.


    Product Type:  12 cores cable distribution box ( ABS + Adapter&Splice Type )

    Product Name:  ODB08-Adapter-ABS-12 Cores-b




    Proof-rain, proof-dust, proof-theft

    Protection class:  IP65

    Product Size: 195*170*50 mm

    . Product weight: About 0.6Kg

    Number of adapters:  12

    Adapter Type: SC/FC/LC

    Insertion LossSM+UPC≤0.20dB/SM+APC≤0.30dB/MM≤0.30dB

    Return Loss:  UPC≥50dB/APC≥60dB

    Operating temperature:  -40 ~ +60

    Relative Humidity:  ≤95%at  +40℃

    Atmospheric pressure:  70KPa ~ 106KPa

    Insulation Resistance: ≥2Χ1000MΩ/500VDC

    Voltage Resistance: 3KVDC/1min, No breakdown and spark-over



    This equipment is suitable for FTTH network, telecommunication network, data communication network, local area network, client-side distribution equipment within FTTH network, optical transmission terminal into the end of welding, splitting, straight-melt wiring output and other functions, effectively termination, protection and management for optic cable, it’s the necessary equipment in optical network transmission process.



    Fully enclosed box structure, simple and beautiful appearance

    Box material is PC + ABS, moisture, superior performance of water, dust, corrosion resistance, protection class IP65

    Double-layer structure design, the upper one is the optical distribution layer, the lower one is optical fiber welding layer

    The optical module design with a drawer, with a strong mutuality and versatility

    Wiring tray can flip operation, construction, maintenance convenient and quick

    Box is suitable for wall installation and pole installation, indoor and outdoor both can be applied

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